Luxury Care Home in Nottinghamshire

Tammy James

Tammy James

Business Support / FOH Manager

Tammy is proud to be Front of House Manager at Kingfisher.

To say that her role is varied would be an understatement, but Tammy relishes the unpredictability. Tammy is very calm and organised, with a head for detail. Tammy is also extremely sociable, and this combination of skills make her the perfect fit for the front of house manager role. 

Tammy knows all of our residents well and whilst her job keeps her busy, she will always jump at the opportunity to step away from her desk to spend time with the residents with whom she's grown so close. 

Tammy is friendly and warm and never flustered, we are proud to have Tammy on the front of house, welcoming all who reside with us.

Business Support / FOH Manager Tammy James