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Annette D (Daughter of Resident)

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming
Dad was discharged to Kingfisher Court from hospital during the first week of lockdown - from the initial call in March to date my impression of the home hasn't changed. The care of the residents is excellent. The staff are committed and care deeply. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff go above and beyond to ensure residents enjoy the best experience. I do not hesitate to share our experience when asked my opinion - Kingfisher Court is the best! Only the best is good enough for my dad, and we have it!
Kingfisher Court 26th November 2020

David S (Son of Resident)

Keeping my Mum safe is the most important thing
This whole Covid-19 situation has been very alarming for people who have relatives in care. I could not be happier with the way in which Kingfisher Court has responded to the crisis. They locked down the home and stopped all unnecessary visits very early on in the crisis. Although this means I can't see my Mum they put in place video calls and have tried to keep the stimulation levels up for their residents. I have called the home a couple of times and they have been very responsive to my Mums needs. Keeping my Mum safe is the most important thing to me and I have no concerns about the way that Kingfisher Court has responded.
Kingfisher Court 20th May 2020

Allie D (Daughter of Resident)

All the staff are incredibly caring
My mother became a resident at Kingfisher Court at the end of February 2020 and I found all the staff to be incredibly caring and my mother settled in very quickly. The home locked down early due to the Coronavirus pandemic and has managed so far to keep it at bay. The care and concern for each individual resident are of the highest calibre and I cannot praise the staff highly enough. When in solitary isolation the staff are constantly visiting each resident playing games and engaging them with things they like to do. My mother struggles with isolation so they have had her sat in the corridor (which is light, bright and beautifully decorated) so she gets more interaction. Anyone is lucky to be placed here as a resident and I sleep easier knowing my Mum is cared for by this amazing team.
Kingfisher Court 20th May 2020

Julie B (Daughter of Resident)

The atmosphere in the home is lovely
My mum had to have a cataract operation and because of dementia, was confused and very stressed. I was allowed to stay with her in the home before and after the operation. I was made so welcome and looked after by all the staff, especially the hostess. Everyone was as concerned for me as they were for my mum. The atmosphere in the home is lovely.
Kingfisher Court 23rd March 2020

Lorna M (Daughter of Resident)

Warm, friendly, light and spacious care home
I love this care home! So pleased we found it. Warm, friendly environment, light and spacious. All-inclusive makes so much difference - no longer all those worries of how to get Mum to the doctors etc. She loves getting her daily papers and enjoys her visits to the lovely hairdresser. Staff care about their work and make a point of getting to know the residents and spending time talking to them as well as doing all their other duties. All the management and their staff are very approachable and make time to listen to any family concerns and follow through if any action is needed. This care home is better than any I have seen before by miles.
Kingfisher Court 17th February 2020

Alison S (Daughter of Resident)

Excellent care home
Well situated and located care home close to the hospital and also the green countryside. Light, airy and pleasant rooms and building. Good caring staff. Choice of good food. Outings and activities arranged. Staff take the time to talk to residents. Management is good and listens, acting on good suggestions. The ambience of the building and surroundings is very pleasant with good ambience and atmosphere in the care home. Excellent having on-site incorporated facilities, such as hairdressing. Residents are clean and smart and have their privacy respected. Visitors welcomed and encouraged - and also emotionally supported if necessary! Progressive care home - Excellent!
Kingfisher Court 17th February 2020

W B (Son of Resident)

Great management and staff
My mother has been a resident at Kingfisher Court for over two years. It is much better than her previous care home despite that one having a good CQC rating. The staff are permanently employed, not agency, so they get to know the residents. The price is all in so no worries about hospital visits etc. The management and staff are very approachable as well.
Kingfisher Court 17th February 2020

E S (Daughter of Resident)

Treated with great care and dignity
My father was a resident for two years, and during this time he was treated with great care and dignity. The difficult transition from home to care home was made easier by the sensitive way that the manager understood our reservations and emotions as well as reassuring Dad about his anxiety. The care home offered Dad many choices regarding meals, snack, daily newspapers, social activities and personal space. He was treated with dignity, and the staff went out of their way to liaise with the family in finding out about Dad's interests and background. My sister and I were particularly impressed by the front of house team and by the senior carers who find time to speak to us regularly about Dad's needs; particularly as he approached the end of his life. We were given excellent support after his death both in their understanding of our feelings and in offering suggestions regarding funeral arrangements. All of this exceeded our expectations and made an emotional period of time easier to cope with.
Kingfisher Court 5th February 2020

N L (Respite Resident)

Treated with respect and kindness
I was treated with respect and kindness by all the staff I came in contact with. If I need help in the future, I know where to go. Thank you.
Kingfisher Court 5th February 2020

S S (Resident)

Great activities
I am happy at Kingfisher Court. I can't find anything that requires improvement. I enjoy joining in with the activities when there is something I have an interest in.
Kingfisher Court 5th February 2020

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